Yesterday it was difficult to find good specialists, and today it is even more so. Before you get the right people interested, you still need to find them. It’s risky to place a vacancy in the most suitable places. Since you can find bad reviews on the Internet about your company. In addition, a good specialist is always “at work”, and has no desire, and no free time to view vacancies.

The solution may be to contact a recruiting agency. Then you will have a chance to see the whole section of the market for potential applicants, with their salary expectations, before you need to introduce yourself to the candidate. And to make a decision - what to interest, will be much easier, after comparing the expectations of all the top applicants.

Order recruitment if

• The search for specialists does not bring results
• An urgent need to find an employee
• It is necessary to reduce the burden of full-time employees
• Want to explore the modern salary expectations market

Benefits for companies

• The ability to quickly attract our staff for a specific project and / or for the period you need
• Ability to focus on key business content
• Decrease in the number of full-time employees
• Reducing the administrative and financial burden of your company

How we are working

• You leave a request
• Based on the application, we draw up a "candidate profile"
• Agree on the terms of cooperation
• We conclude an agreement with you

• Search in your own database
• Advertising vacancies on paid and free Internet resources
• Search job sites on the Internet
• Direct search through a network of contacts
• Direct search in industry and competitor companies
• Search on social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
• Recommendations of other candidates
• Screening Resume

• Initial assessment of candidates
• Professional skills
• Motivation
• Personal qualities

• Checking the suitability of the candidate’s skills and requirements
• Testing the professional competency of the candidate
• Formation of a personal portrait of the candidate
• Passing a candidate professional and personality tests

• We recommend the best candidates for your vacancy.
• We provide you with an expert opinion on each candidate
• You choose a finalist
• You set a date and time for interviews at your office
• We provide a one-month candidate replacement guarantee

Our advantages

• We have the necessary experience and resources to develop relationships with the best professionals in the market
• Effective methods of search and selection of applicants
• Database of verified candidates
• Knowledge of the characteristics and requirements for personnel in various industries

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