Coronovirus opens up new opportunities in the labor market. Many specialists have already been transferred to work from home. It was added "free" from projects of IT experts. And this is a great opportunity to negotiate with the best IT specialists.

Uncertainty with the timing of overcoming the crisis forces excellent IT professionals to agree to lower wages. And HR-ry can take this opportunity to improve the competitive position of their companies. What areas of business are promising? Judging by our orders, today, the most popular programming languages ​​are JavaScript and Python. In banks - Java. Accordingly, the most popular frameworks are Vue, Nuxt and Django. Consider IT professionals with Front-End development experience of 3 years. We are for the selection of IT personnel who know how to apply the technologies your company needs. We will pick you the best IT-specialists to work on a permanent or temporary basis. The recruiting agency Human Resources Banking Program has the necessary experience and resources to develop relationships with the best professionals in the IT market.

Order IT staff recruitment, if

• open a new direction
• it is necessary to switch to a new development language
• no resources and time to determine ratings

Recruitment Application

Benefits for companies

• no prepayment
• payment - upon the candidate’s entry to work
• the ability to quickly attract our staff for a specific project and / or for the period you need
• reducing the administrative and financial burden of your company

How we are working

• You leave Application 
• Based on the application, we draw up a "candidate profile"
• Agree on the terms of cooperation
• We conclude an agreement with you

• Search in your own database
• Advertising vacancies on paid and free Internet resources
• Search job sites on the Internet
• Direct search through a network of contacts
• Direct search in industry companies and competing companies
• Search on social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
• Recommendations of other candidates
• Screening Resume

• Initial assessment of candidates
• Professional skills
• Motivation
• Personal qualities
• Checking the correspondence of the skills of the candidate to the requirements of the position
• Testing the professional competence of the candidate
• Formation of a personal portrait of the candidate
• Passing a candidate professional and personality tests

• We recommend the best candidates for your vacancy
• We provide you with an expert opinion on each candidate
• You choose a finalist
• You set a date and time for interviews at your office
• We provide a three-month candidate replacement guarantee

Our advantages

• We have the necessary experience and resources to develop relationships with the best professionals in the market
• Effective methods of search and selection of applicants
• Database of verified candidates
• Knowledge of the characteristics and requirements for personnel in various industries

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