Selection of Bank Personnel

If you are looking for talented and experienced professionals in finance, investment and accounting, trust this Personnel Banking Program. We have the largest expertise of recruitment in the areas of: Banks, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Investments. Our consultants have a specialized education and experience in recruiting personnel in the relevant field. You need an employee for a project, for part-time or full-time work, for permanent or temporary work, we are for recruiting staff quickly, and exactly your requirements.

Update not only the software, but also the staff

Today recruitment to the bank is much more difficult than a year ago. Less than half of the banks are left. Lack of trust, high taxes, regulation, financial monitoring and other factors, reduces the sources of earnings of the bank. In the cash settlement, everything is less "cash", and settlement services absorb IT technology.
There remains the main source - loans.
Whom to lend? In free niches, competitors are active. In small business, these are mutual funds. In average business, and start-ups are risk capitalists. In large - foreign banks.
But you can take advantage of the "efficiency" of state and foreign banks (which is two-thirds of all banks), until they set up the interaction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with credit risks.
State banks (and this is about 60% of all loans of the country) - 70% of non-working loans. Foreign banks (and this is 30% of all loans of the country) - 45% of non-working loans.
And the requirements for staff are changing rapidly. The growth of IT technology (already open a branch without employees in Privat) adds IT man-hours, and hence competence. The vacated niche of "pocket" (ed .: "banks serving their corporation") banks, requires sectoral competencies. You need to update not only the software, but also the staff. Apply, and we will help you in this.

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