Training Interview

Walks in the company for interviews for "training" will harm your reputation.

It will take a lot of time. HR specialists work for the company, not for you. They are not paid to teach you what mistakes to correct, and what exactly makes an unfavorable impression. Therefore, to demand feedback - only in vain to encourage yourself. At the next interview, you repeat previous mistakes. In addition, the interview, especially if you "speak" publicly (in front of a group of specialists), is a lot of stress. Excitement grows if the "prize" can no longer be repeated, prevents to concentrate and work to the maximum.
The solution may be a training interview with HR professionals working exclusively for you. Just as a tightrope walker on the ground prepares a walk to a height, so a training interview will help develop skills for a real interview. We value our reputation, we use modern technologies and the experience of professional interviews. We will help you to increase confidence during the interview and self-presentation skills. Eliminate possible mistakes, individually work verbal and non-verbal communication. You will receive professional feedback and recommendations for correcting errors. Our consultant will help you find a way out of difficult situations. The training will help you focus on the real interview on the company, not on yourself.

You need a training interview if

• Available competencies are not enough to get the desired job
• Errors in communication lead to misunderstandings and conflicts
• Interviews are too emotional or stressful, their effectiveness is reduced
• Relationship with the interlocutor does not always develop successfully, due to the difficulty in personal communication
• It is not possible to select the optimal arguments depending on the situation and the personality of the interviewer
• There are obvious or hidden conflicts in the company
• The company employs very different people and needs to be able to understand each other and negotiate
• You want to learn not to solve problems for others, but to help colleagues make the right decisions by themselves

A training interview will give you

CONFIDENCE: that HR professionals selected and approved, the best qualities and experience

SKILL: putting your story into practice in different situations

ADVANTAGES: when HR professionals recheck your skills and achievements

PRIVACY: we use a proven information security system

Training Interview Plan

• Receive your CV by email
• Getting information by phone (Skype, Viber, or personal meeting), in the absence of a summary
• Summary analysis

When preparing for a selected vacancy:
• Job Analysis
• Analysis of additional information
• Analysis of important professional qualities for this job
• Evaluation of how strong you are for this job
• Prepayment 100% of the cost
• Training interview - 30 minutes; (Skype, Viber, or personal meeting)
• Providing feedback - 30 minutes
• Report preparation (48 hours)
• Sending report

The behavior of the candidate can tell no less than his words

Our advantages

• 23 years experience in interviewing candidates
• 23 years of experience in evaluating a candidate’s personal and professional skills
• Large database of techniques and technologies used during the interview
• Knowledge of the features and requirements for personnel in various industries
• Intersectoral thinking


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