Professional research

How to compete with other candidates?

Find out the answers to the usual interview questions: " Why do you want to work in our company? What does our company do? What else do you know about the company? How does our company differ from the company in which you worked? Who are our competitors? What are our advantages? etc. " So you increase your chances of creating a positive impression. We have extensive experience in researching companies in the labor market of Ukraine. Order research in the Personnel Banking Program, we will produce a report in 48 hours, and your dream will become a reality.

Company information is required if

• Not sure whether to transfer or not to another company
• Not sure about the reliability of the company
• Not sure about the prospects
• Choose the industries in which you will begin to look for work next year
• Want to determine the positioning of the major players in the market
• Want to expand the list of targeted employers
• Determine whether there is someone in the market who is engaged in activities close to yours
• Looking for competitive advantages of the enterprise
• Looking for a couple, or friends
• Looking for a convenient office closer to home, or a free work schedule
• Looking for a place where you will do what you haven’t done before, what will challenge you and ensure development
• Want to start working remotely in an outsourcing, for foreign company
• Want to retrain in the framework of their own profession, etc.

Information provided by the Personnel Banking Program will give you

CONFIDENCE: that you have chosen the best prospect, of all the capabilities of key companies in the labor market

PROTECT: from random errors that after the transition will not open unacceptable working conditions

STABILITY: work confirmed from various sources

PRIVACY: we use a proven information security system

Professional Research includes

• You tell which companies you are interested in (by phone, Skype, Viber, personal meeting, or by clicking "Order the service")
• Choose a package of services (the amount of information)
• We clarify the details of the information you are interested in (phone, Skype, Viber, or a personal meeting)
• We explore the industry in which companies operate
• We analyze the sites of employers and pages in social networks
• We look through the salary and career vectors of vacancies
• We select important professional qualities for jobs that suit you
• We collect additional, useful to you, information
• Prepayment 50% of the cost
• Sending an intermediate report to the mail

• Salary level
• Financial stability of the company
• Company reliability
• Reputation of the company
• Convenient location of the office
• Sending an intermediate report to the mail
• Career growth
• Official employment
• Interesting work
• Pleasant working atmosphere
• Balance between work and personal life
• Working conditions
• The introduction of high technology
• Availability of Lunch
• Teamwork
• Adequacy of leadership
• Schedule
• Social package
• Final payment
• Sending final report

The secret of success is to know that no one else knows

Our advantages

• 23 years of executive search experience
• 23 years of experience in analyzing the labor market in banks, the IT industry and other industries
• Large database of useful contacts
• Knowledge of the features and requirements for personnel in various industries

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