Posting a resume on job search sites

We offer to place your resume on websites that offer their platforms for resume promotion.

We will help you choose the best sites and correctly build a job search strategy.

Posting a resume on job search sites you need if

• You are not sure about the correct choice of sites
• Not enough competences to create a professional profile
• Looking for an employer abroad
• Not enough time for self-placement

Posting a resume on job search sites will give you

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: We will post your resume on the most efficient resources

ADDRESS: Your resume will be seen by employers in which you are most interested

PROTECT: from errors associated with the selection and registration on the work sites

PRIVACY: we use a proven information security system

The service of placing a resume on job search sites includes

• Selection of specialized sites
• Coordination of sites with the client
• Registration on sites
• Creating a client profile on sites
• Providing a report to the client, with addresses and passwords

If you are not on the Internet - you do not exist

Our advantages

• 23 years of experience working with job search sites
• Knowledge of ratings and specialization of sites for job search
• Large database of useful contacts
• Knowledge of sites that exactly meet the criteria for your professional search

Cost of services






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