Personal Assistant for Job Search

To find a job you need: 

• Properly decide what kind of work and where to look;
• Explore the labor market;
• Prepare a resume for the desired job;
• Post your resume on job sites;
• Send CV to profile companies;
• Send resumes to recruitment / staffing agencies;
• Connect to the search for your friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, etc .;
• Daily analyze all vacancies from all sources, since they do not always correspond to reality;
• Daily respond to the maximum number of profile vacancies, from all sources;
• Regularly keep in touch with potential employers;
• Prepare correctly for each telephone interview in order to receive an invitation to the meeting;
• Correctly prepare for each personal interview in order to get the most profitable salary and career offers;
• Finalize all the benefits and risks, etc.

If you have difficulty completing the work listed above, or do not have time to do everything qualitatively and fully, order a personal assistant to find a job with us. We will assign you a job search professional.
Your personal manager will do all the routine work for you every day. Constantly monitor various sources, respond to the maximum number of specialized vacancies, communicate effectively with the employer, etc. The addition of our job search technologies will increase the efficiency and speed up your employment.
We know the labor market from the inside, the algorithms of the work of the personnel services are clear to us. We will work with you until full employment.

You need a personal job search assistant if

• Available competencies are not enough to get the desired job
• Not enough time for all the work
• No professional consultant
• You are tired of the routine work
• Looking for a new job to realize yourself in another field
• Want to open your business, or close and go to the team of hired managers

By ordering a Personal Job Search Assistant, you will receive

PERSONAL MANAGER: who will work individually with you and provide a professional approach and competent support in the employment process

DAILY JOB: a professional in search and selection of vacancies for you

HR CONSULTING: our HR expert

UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS: looking for a job and confidence in getting the desired job

The Personal Assistant job search service includes

• Individual formulation of job search objectives
• Labor market research, search for potential employers
• Regular selection of vacancies and correspondence with potential employers
• Analysis of job offers
• Preparing for each interview

Not strong wins weak, and fast - slow

Our advantages

• 23 years of executive search experience
• 23 years of experience in analyzing the labor market in banks, the IT industry and other industries
• Large database of useful contacts
• Knowledge of the features and requirements for personnel in various industries



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