Mailing resume to recruitment agencies

We will take care of sending your resume to the leading recruitment agencies in Ukraine.

Sending resume to recruitment agencies will increase the number of responses to your resume. We know the real rating of recruitment agencies, and their specialization. We will select recruitment agencies that exactly match your professional search criteria. Mailing is carried out, both in “TOP 20” of Ukrainian companies that specialize in your professional field (the list is agreed), and in the company that interested you exclusively. The term of service: 48 hours. We will help you save time and effort.

Mailing your resume to recruitment agencies you need if

• You are not sure about the choice of recruitment agencies
• Available competencies are not enough
• Looking for an employer abroad
• Not enough time for self-newsletter

Mailing your resume to recruitment agencies will give you

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: thanks to an individual approach to sending your resume to leading recruitment agencies

ADDRESS: Your CV will be seen by HR professionals of your profile

ECONOMY: time and effort on finding the right addresses and choosing the right recruiting agencies

PRIVACY: we use a proven information security system

The service of sending a resume to recruitment agencies includes

• Selection of specialized recruitment agencies
• Coordination of recruitment agencies with the client
• Distribution of resume and cover letter
• Providing a report to the client, with the addresses and contacts of recruitment agencies
• For the plan: "Standard", the term of the service: 3 - 5 days

If you want to find out something, find someone who already knows it and ask him the right question

Our advantages

• 23 years of experience working with recruiting agencies
• Knowledge of the ratings and specialization of recruitment agencies
• Large database of useful contacts
• Knowledge of recruitment agencies that exactly meet the criteria for your professional search

Cost of services






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