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 The employer in the resume will see the level of your professionalism, skills, culture, mind, career ambitions, self-esteem and much more. From the resume it depends on what questions you are asked at the interview, nervousness of the interview, career and salary offers. A well thought out resume will be dedicated, and tirelessly, to fight for you.
  Competitors will always claim your dream job, but only you will be invite for an interview. Because for many years, we have been helping people find each other, and live happily.
Order a resume in the Personnel Banking Program, for 99 UAH. We will produce a resume in 24 hours, and you will be paid for many years. Check your resume for free with our help.

Create a resume is necessary if:

• There is a doubt about the competitiveness of your resume;
• Few invitations for interviews;
• The summary does not reflect your potential;
• It is necessary to increase the value of the summary so that it reflects your actual experience and achievements;
• You do not know how to apply yourself;
• You have not been looking for a job for a long time and do not know the modern market;
• No time to write a resume;
• You want your resume to create a desire to be read again;
• You want each phrase in the resume to increase the desire to meet with you.


A resume made by the Personnel Banking Program will give you:

MAXIMUM SALARY: backed by our experience in determining employee value for the company

PROTECT: from errors leading to the fact that your resume works against you

HIGH STATUS: unique work for you from a well-known company

PRIVACY: we use a proven information security system

Resume order includes:

• Receive your CV by email;
• Getting information by phone (Skype, Viber, or personal meeting), in the absence of a summary;
• Summary analysis;
When preparing a resume for a selected vacancy:
• Job Analysis;
• Analysis of additional information;
• Analysis of the industry in which the company operates;
• Analysis of the employer's site and pages in social networks;
• Analysis of important professional qualities for this job;
• Evaluation of how strong you are for this job;
• Telephone interview, to clarify the details of the summary (Skype, Viber, or personal meeting);
• Prepayment 50% of the cost;
• Sending a finished resume by mail, for approval;
• Choosing a layout and form (Word, pdf);
• Preparing a cover letter;
• Translation of resume and cover letter into English;
• Final payment;
• Submitting the final summary.

You can call us (click "Add to Card" or "order RESUME"), and we will contact you for a free consultation on job search or a resume.
Together with a ready-made resume, you will receive free tips on how to start a job search, how to appeal to an employer, industry-specific features of a job search.

Investing in a resume is the way to happiness

Our advantages:

• 23 years experience in personnel search and evaluation;
• 23 years of experience in preparing professional resumes in banks, foreign and domestic companies;
• Large database of successful resumes;
• Knowledge of the features and requirements for personnel in various industries;
• Intersectoral thinking.










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