We offer 2 options of search and selection of candidates:

• Executive search;
• Selection KBP Database.

Valuable staff - the main object of investment.

Executive search

• Offer specialized candidates of interest to client companies;
• Using our contacts in various companies and banks to find candidates;
• Evaluation and selection of personnel by means of an interview with the business professional;
• Presentation of the candidates to the client on the basis of interviews conducted;
• Participation in interview candidates with the client (if necessary);
• Collect recommendations.

Selection from KBP Database

KBP more than 20 years, performs professional search staff.

We have The accumulated database of candidates in the following areas:
• Banks;
• Finance and accounting;
• Information Technology;
• Telecommunications;
• Office administration and others.

We build long-term relationships with our candidates, maintain regular contact with them and are constantly updating their personal professional data. This allows us to quickly pick up both beginners and experienced professionals, middle and senior managers, and executives.

After confirming the willingness to consider your offer of employment, we will give you a summary of the candidates from the database KBP - more than 100 000 experienced and qualified professionals. These candidates already interviewed and evaluated by our consultants.
At your request, we can also carry out searches and provide candidates from other popular human resources.

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