Recruiting agency KBP offers to arrange your employees in our company.

We calculated and paid salaries, taxes, personnel engaged in the administration, solve labor disputes with staff, inspections of controlling bodies, etc.

And you outperform the competition, rapid increase or decrease the number of staff, with the same number of full-time employees.

Outstaffing useful, if

• You want to focus on the key business content
• You plan to continue working with your staff, but all the risks and responsibility delegated to us
• You need to reduce staff without losing the proven employees
• You prepare temporary projects that require additional staff, without taking them to work in your company
• Frequent visits of inspection bodies spoil the reputation of your company
• You want your employees to focus on customers rather than interviews, and administrative-accounting routine
• You intend to reduce personnel costs

Outstaffing contract with the KBP will give you

SAVINGS: related to the selection of personnel, provision of working process, VAT deductions, etc.

PROTECTION: from inspections, labor disputes and losses during the dismissal employees

LEGALITY: we are acting strictly within the legal framework of Ukraine

CONFIDENTIALITY: we use proven information security system

The key parts of staff leasing

Payroll administration function outsourcing:
• Payroll calculation and payment are conducted monthly by KBP
• A bank account for electronic deposit of wages is opened for each employee
• Payroll and employer taxes are 100% compliant
• Management and accounting reports are prepared

Human Resources function outsourcing:
• All administrative procedures are conducted in accordance with the Ukrainian Labor Сode
• Benefits administration and communication are handled by KBP
• Vacations and holiday pay are calculated by KBP
• Project termination is easy

How staff leasing works

• KBP signs a service agreement with your company
• KBP also signs a limited term labor agreement with each employee who will be leased to your company
• The employee works for KBP and is officially seconded to your company
• KBP pays the employee each month, on a gross salary basis, incorporating any bonuses or adjustments that you have requested
• KBP also pays all employment taxes, pension fund and other contributions required by the Ukrainian Labor Code
• KBP presents you with a comprehensive invoice and report detailing the leased services for a given period

14 years of outstaffing experience in domestic and foreign banks and companies

Our advantages

• 22 years of experience in the search and evaluation of staff
• 14 years of outstaffing experience in domestic and foreign banks and companies
• Database of proven candidates
• Knowledge of the characteristics and requirements for personnel in different sectors of the economy
• Interdisciplinary thinking
• Effective interaction with the tax and other state regulatory agencies

Our clients

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