Twenty three years ago, Boris Kvartyuk founded the first specialized agency in Ukraine. He was the Adviser of the President of Association of Ukrainian Banks. He had degree and experience in banking. That was the reason of banking specialization of the Agency.
After 1998 crisis, we were forced to work not only in bank area. Today, we select highly qualified specialists in all areas of business in the field of finance, accounting, information technology, telecommunications, marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, scientific technology, office administration, law and personnel.

We provide:

Permanent Placements

KBP provides permanent placements to wold-wide famous foreign companies and stable Ukrainian enterprises in Ukraine and CIS cities. We represent professionals in all business spheres.

Temporary Services

Companies often need temporary help for special or seasonal projects, for vacation and illnesses periods. KBP provides highly qualified temporary employees for a working period from 8 hours to 6 months in all business spheres.

Staff Leasing

KBP Staff Leasing offers a variety of opportunities to reduce risks and overhead without diminishing workforce. A professionally managed lease arrangement with KBP Staff Leasing can help provide improved benefits to your employees at lower cost to you.

Selection the bank employees

KBP possesses necessary experience and resource to develop relations with best professional on bank market.


1996 - KBP is founded in Kiev, by Boris Kvartuyk.
1997 - KBP is working in banking area.
1998 - KBP has begun work with insurance, investment, financial and auditor companies. Executive search.
1999 - KBP has begun work with foreign and local trade-industrial companies.
2000 - KBP has begun work with furniture companies, distributor of the building materials, FMCG. KBP has begun to work in region of the Ukraine.
2001 - KBP has begun work with telecommunication and IT companies.
2002 - KBP has begun work in C.I.S.
2003 - development of the new directions: temporary staff, staff leasing, outplacement, selection worker professions for banks.

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