• Organizes the work and effective interaction of divisions and departments of the company
• Manages the preparation of work plans (design, calendar), manages deviations and their approval by the owner

• Forms technical and commercial proposals for customers
• Carries out operational financial and economic analysis of the company and its departments, is responsible for achieving financial performance indicators, reports to the owner
• Participates in the development of the company's strategy, is engaged in operational support for the expansion of the company
• Selects key production employees of the company, forms a personnel reserve and manages current appointments
• Organizes and systematizes record keeping, legal, technical and economic elaboration of contracts and communications with partners
• Develops and manages the employee motivation / compensation system
• Identifies and eliminates deficiencies in the company’s work, implements a system of sustainable development of the company
• Monitors the compliance of services with appropriate quality, helps to increase labor productivity, production efficiency and product quality, introduce new work technologies
• Organizes the implementation of orders of the owner

• Similar work experience in a machine-building production company from 2 years
• Developments in technological processes
• Developments in Technical Control (quality department)
• Developments in the control of the volume of production
• Workshops on the control of working time (man-hours)
• Document flow (finished documents)
• Experience in foreign manufacturing companies is a competitive advantage
• Organizational skills, team leadership experience
• Experience in managing a team of 100 people

Working conditions:
• A company manufacturing equipment for the food industry
• Official employment
• Competitive salary
• Probationary period: up to 3 months
• Work in a friendly team
• Plant on the left bank of Kiev
• Subordinate - to the director
• Subordinate to him - the entire staff of the company
• Operating hours from 08:30 to 17:00 for 5 work days
• Duration of annual leave: 24
• Reason for the vacancy: expansion of production
• Opportunity for professional, social and personal growth

In the summary, indicate the desired level of salary. Job Code 9472

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