• analysis of loan applications of legal entities
• analysis of loan applications of individuals

• preparation of documents for the credit committee
• support of credit affairs (monitoring of payment discipline, collateral, timely revaluation of collateral, insurance)

• experience in risk management (credit risk assessment)
• knowledge of the 351 Resolution of the NBU and the ability to determine the financial class of the borrower and the amount of credit risk using the methodology of this resolution
• Knowledge of 64 Resolutions of the NBU
• IFRS 9 (experience in calculating provisions for active operations)
• knowledge of ABS B2

Working conditions:
• the bank is in the top 20 in terms of assets
• competitive salary
• subordinate to the head of the credit service
• trial period - 3 months

In the resume, indicate the desired level of salary. Job Code 9571

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