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• Testing the Portal Platform Implementation Project for individuals and legal entities (bank customers) - Self-Service Cabinets;
• Continuation of the project (the first phase has already been launched).

• Basic knowledge of OOP;
• JAVA/Kotlin;
• Python (pandas);
• Groovy;
• SoapUI;
• Jmater;
• BDD (Cucumber, serenity, jbehave);
• Selenium;
• MongoDB;
• Postman.

Working conditions:
• Fixed-term contract (for 4 months) in the IT company, for the bank;
• Planned release date of the candidate: 08/27/2019;
• Work in a friendly team;
• Office in the center of Kiev;
• Subordinate - Team lead;
• Operating hours from 09:00 to 18:00 during 5 working days;
• Salaries above market.

In the summary, indicate the desired level of salary. Job Code 9462

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