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Search for IT-specialists

We are for recruiting IT personnel who know how to apply the technologies your company needs. We will select the best IT specialists for you on a permanent or temporary basis. Recruiting agency KBP has the necessary experience and resources to develop relationships with the best professionals in the IT market.

Upgrade staff is just as important as software or hardware.

The selection of IT personnel requires knowledge of the vector of changes.
Recently Junior used Report oriented and form oriented programming languages ​​to extract data from databases that do not have RDBMS, not relational, and not SQL. Senior knew the basics of operating systems and programmed in COBOL or APL. Today there is neither Junior nor Senior specialists.
Later, during the transition from (Computer) Systems Engineers to IT professionals, the positions Analyst, Programmer and Tester became obsolete. They were replaced by Architect, Developer and QA Engineer.
Then the Architects divided into Architects solution (responsible for the creation of the entire business), and Technical Architects (responsible for the creation of individual parts).
Now, Architects replaced Digital Industrialists, Developers - Data Scientists, and QA Engineer - Data Engineers.
R-language and Python are a thing of the past.
Experts no longer claim to know Windows 7, Unix shell script, Oracle 8 DBA certified, SQL, Pro-C, VB, JSP, J2EE or Sun certified Applet administrator.
If used to work in Oracle 10.7 or SAP R3, then now - in cloud AWS, GCP, Azure and Watson.

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