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Economic growth in 2020 will increase demand in the labor market. Consequently, competition for successful managers and rare specialists will increase. And this, in turn, activates the demand for the search for Top managers and unique specialists (Executive Search) (other variants of names: “executive search, direct search, active search").

We offer two options for searching and selecting candidates:
Executive Search

Below are the main differences between Executive Search and Recruitment.

Selection of managers and specialists (Recruitment)

Search Top managers and unique specialists (Executive Search)

Search Object

• Middle management
• Specialists

• Top management
• Unique specialists

Search Terms

From 2 days

4-6 weeks

Who works on the order

1 recruiter

1 consultant and 1-2 researchers

Search methods

• Search the database and job search sites
• Screening for ads in print and electronic media
• Using methods of direct access to interested candidates
• Access to candidates according to recommendations

• Market research
• Survey of specialized specialists in top companies
• Direct access to candidates
• Motivation of candidates

Number of candidates provided



Candidate Information

• Candidate Summary
• Recruiter's written comments

Candidate Detailed Report

Verification of recommendations

At the request of the client



Fixed: from 15,000 to 40,000 UAH.

Candidate’s monthly salary (8.33% of the candidate’s annual income)



30% of the amount of the fee

Payment stages

Upon the fact that the candidate has come to work for the customer

• Prepayment (30% Fee)
• Upon the candidate joining the customer (70% of the fee)

Warranty free replacement

1-3 months

3 months

With the help of Executive search you will get the best candidate in the labor market, from candidates working in Top companies. When recruiting - the best candidate among those active in job search.

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